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Conservatism is Trumpism

Conservatism is Trumpism. Not to get too wonky bout it, but while there may not be a straight line from Edmund Burke to Donald Trump, the line from Reagan to Trump is undeniable. That matters because there is a concerted effort on the part of mainstream conservatives, traditional media, and professional Republicans to disassociate Trump and all he represents from "conservatism". And it absolutely should not be allowed. The line needs to be drawn in permanent marker between the fundamentals of conservative philosophy and the corruption, incompetence, and authoritarianism of Donald Trump. Conservatism is Trumpism. It's the logical endpoint of a political philosophy that millions have adhered to in (relative) good faith, many for their entire lives. And lifelong Republicans shouldn't be able to just disown and redefine it because they don't like where it leads . It's easy to conflate "Republicans" with "conservatives", but I like to think tha