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Simple solutions to thorny problems.

It comes up in every discussion remotely related to the "politics stinks" trope - Term limits. It's always presented as some sort of obvious solution to a lot of problems, but as Ezra Klein pointed out years ago , term limits would be counterproductive and only increase incentives for corruption. As much as it would be great to have fewer entrenched centers of power (heck, George Washington figured that out), we have a complex world, and we need experienced legislators making laws for it. It also always bears mentioning that we already HAVE term limits - regular elections.  So term limits will never happen because of all that, and because congresscritters would have to voluntarily limit their own power. Good luck with all that. Term limits are never really put forth as a solution to the old age problem we definitely have with our elected government, nor the incumbency problem . Things like term limits are almost always proposed as a cure - all for whatever is wrong with